Are you looking to build an outdoor kitchen in Austin?

Now is the perfect time to build the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. In fact Austin is the perfect temperature right now to enjoy a party outside or a simple family gathering. Can you imagine actually being part of the party as you entertain your guests and cook in your outdoor kitchen?

It has been a long time dream of mine to own my own kitchen outdoors and recently I was able to find the perfect company that could meet my needs. I am glad I decided to go with the company that offers their outdoor kitchens with good pricing and also an expert team. I found Southern Outdoor Living in Austin and they have completely changed my backyard. I now enjoy entertaining outside and hubby is trying to convince me we now need an outdoor tv to complete the look.

My outdoor kitchen is complete with a grill, stove top and also a small fridge. I have storage room for my outdoor pots and even a sink to rinse off the pots, pans and whatever else. The outdoor kitchen is gorgeous and I was able to go over every detail with the design team over at Southern Outdoor. They truly designed a beautiful kitchen for me and my family and it is unique. If you have always dreamed about an outdoor kitchen now is the time. The weather is perfect and it is so enjoyable to be able to enjoy the outdoors while you cook. It is absolutely a must have for home owners.

Southern Outdoor Living helped me complete the look and went over all of my must haves and details. They suggested what they knew to be the best, after all they are the experts and then they began to build the kitchen. It was actually built faster than I thought it would be and their attention t detail was great. I plan to higher them next season to build my new deck.

You can check out their custom outdoor kitchens and more over at their website

Vintage IT Services is a well known IT company in Austin TX. The company has won numerous awards and for many years has been one of the top places to work in Austin. The company takes great care of their employees and the work environment is incredible. All of these factors combined helps to make Vintage IT Services one of the top IT companies in Austin. They are definitely a step ahead the other companies with the services and packages they provide.

Vintage IT Services has IT services for any size of company. They are one of the top cloud service companies right here in Central Texas. They take care of your IT needs so you can run your company.  They are on the cutting edge of IT products and services and if it has anything to do with IT then Vintage IT Services can help you.  The company offers some of the best services and packages in the IT world so if you are looking for a great IT company in Austin then you need to check out Vintage IT Services.

There are a few different it companies in Austin and it is best if you can check out the companies websites and also call them and ask them about their services.  You can get an idea about the company and also ask them more in depth questions about their service packages.  You can review the many happy customer reviews for Vintage IT Services and you can get a sense of the type of company they are and strive to be.  We highly recommend Vintage for all of your IT needs.  Vintage IT Services is known as one of the best IT companies in Austin TX.

You can give them a call or contact them via their website with the following information below.

IT companies in Austin Vintage IT Services

Vintage IT Services
1210 W. 5th St. Austin, Texas 78703
Phone: 512-481-1117

Leecraft and Newberry Law is a dedicated law firm that specializes in Austin divorce law.  If you are facing a divorce or perhaps a loved one is facing a divorce give Leecraft law a call and schedule a consultation.  Each state has different laws so if you are living in Austin Texas then you want to find an attorney in Austin.

Leecraft & Newberry is a family law firm that has practiced in Austin for many years.  They are familiar with the Austin system and they offer family law services.  Family law can encompass a lot more than just divorce so be sure to check out their website to get an idea of their exact services and specialties in family law.   Often with a divorce there is division of property and if you have children then you will be concerned with child support and even child visitation.

Divorce is never an easy process but if you have a good lawyer that is able to keep you up to date and also hold your hand during the process then you know you have found a good attorney.  Often the client doesn’t understand the process and they are under a great deal of emotional strain.  The client is usually tired and just ready to get the divorce over with as painless as possible.  It is the attorney’s job to take a look at the situation and determine the best path for their client.  The client must be able to talk with the attorney and tell them their goals or their biggest concerns with this life event.

Leecraft & Newberry are aggressive attorney’s when they need to be and they have a lot of experience right here in Austin.  They are the best Austin divorce lawyer in Central Texas you can take a look at their website to get a complete list of their services.

Leecraft & Newberry, P.C.
Address: 812 San Antonio St Austin, TX 78701
Phone: (512)320-8200

There will be some moment in time when all of us are in need of a plumbing company.  We are used to our pipes and drains running like clock work so when we do run into some type of plumbing trouble we know that we must get the situation fixed fast.  It is also best to schedule the plumbing company before your small plumbing problem turns into a much larger problem by ignoring the situation.

In Austin plumbing problems can destroy your walls and ceilings just to name a few.  If you have a leak and you have spotted the wet ceiling or wet place in the wall you need to call a plumbing company immediately.  If you let the pipes continue to leak eventually your walls and or ceiling will become weak from the water and begin to sag.  Eventually you will have a hole and not to mention the mold issues this can lead to if you are not careful.

There are a lot of Austin plumbing companies to choose from so it is best to read the reviews and also make a few phone calls. We personally highly recommend Austen Plumbing Company for your plumber in Austin of choice.  The company is great and they know their pipes!  They are quick to assess the problem and offer a solution.  If they don’t need to order any parts they can fix the problem while they are on site.  The company offers commercial and residential plumbing services in Austin.

Austen Plumbing Company offers all plumbing services in Austin and the surrounding cities.  They are customer oriented and you really get the idea that the company cares for their clients.  If you are experiencing a situation that needs a plumbing expert give Austen Plumbing Company a call today!

Austen Plumbing Company commercial and residential plumber in Austin

Best Austin Family Lawyer in Texas

Leecraft & Newberry P.C. is one of the top law firms in Austin TX.  If you are looking or in need of an Austin family attorney then be sure to give Leecraft law a call.  They are one of the best law firms in central Texas and they are here to answer your law questions.  Family law can be complicated and an emotional part of the legal system.  They handle family  law cases right here in Austin and even if you just have questions it is always a good idea to call and ask about a consultation.

Often when we need an Austin family attorney we are in an emotional state or a state that makes it hard to make hard decisions.  I like to do my research before I need the attorney or lawyer and when anything happens or comes up in life I don’t have to then research the best Austin family lawyer.  You will want an attorney that practices in your county and is familiar with the legal system.  It isn’t advisable to call attorney’s out of your city just due to the length of the drive if you were to go to court.  There are a lot of things to consider when shopping for the best family attorney.

You can do a lot of good research online.  You can research the attorney by looking up third party websites and checking for reviews.  That doesn’t mean every single company has reviews and if you find little to no reviews that isn’t an indication of the lawyer’s skills.  Online research isn’t the end all be all when it comes to finding a great lawyer but it can be a starting point.  We do know that most consumers now shop online.  I have found some great services from lawyers that had very limited reviews.  Even if you find some bad reviews you still need to research further.  Online reviews are not the only way to find a good attorney but it is a good place to start.

Leecraft and Newberry is one of the best  Austin family lawyer teams in Texas.  Call them today to schedule your legal consultation for family law services.

Josiesque Designs has been building and developing websites in Austin for years now.  They have developed a lot of great Austin websites and graphic designs.  They have one of the largest client recommendations and reviews I have ever seen.  You can go to their website and check out their past website work, it is very impressive.  If you are looking for a website for your company then call Josiesque Designs and see how they can help you with your Austin web design and development.

Josiesque has been developing websites for many years and there isn’t a platform or a type of website they having already built.  They develop their websites from the ground up and they pay attention to the code.  You won’t find a better built website or a website that looks better than the sites by Josiesque Designs.  They pay attention to detail and they really make sure their website are SEO compliant.  That means your Austin web design is also built for the best possible SEO outcomes as possible.  They really understand what a website should have and how it should be developed.

Austin web design changes quickly so if you have an outdated website or need a new website Josiesque is the company for you.  All you need to do is give them a call and ask them about their Austin web design services.  Even if you don’t know anything about website development all you need to do is ask them questions, after all they are the experts.  They have developed a lot of great Austin websites already so some of their past work can give you ideas for your new website.  JD offers a great web design team and they are able to take your ideas and incorporate them into one great web design.  This is probably what sets Josiesque Designs apart from the other companies combined with their attention to the details.  They offer a lot of other website services, graphic design and even great SEO packages.  Josiesque Designs offers the Best Austin Web Design  Josiesque Designs Austin web design

Josiesque Designs




Best services for Austin Texas IT with Vintage IT Services

Vintage IT Services is a great IT company located in Central Texas or as other people know it Austin TX.  They have operated for years in Austin and they are part of what helps Austin be Austin.  They are a one of a kind company that offers IT services , cloud services and much more.  They can help your new company with IT services and make sure your services increase with the growth of your company.  Or your already established business can use IT tech support, cloud servers and more Vintage IT is the company for you.  They are a cut above the rest so don’t worry about all of those other guys and see what Vintage IT Services has to offer you.

What I like about Vintage is they really pay attention to the client’s needs.  They were able to answer all of my questions and also help guide me in my IT decisions.  It is about time Austin Texas IT is alive and well in our great city of Austin.  I was looking for services that would take my Austin business IT needs into account and help me make some tough decisions.  I was interested in their cloud serve services since I develop mobile apps.  I need a server that would grow with my apps.  I was looking for a server that could keep up with some of very popular mobile apps and the cloud server is just what I needed from Austin Texas IT Vintage IT Services.

The process was easier than I thought it would be and I was happy with the customer support.  If I ever need Vintage IT Services or I have a question all I need to do is call them up and they are quick to respond.  I liked the fact that they are easy to talk to and about a subject I was intimated by because I didn’t know that much about It services or Austin TX IT.  Vintage made it easy for me and I highly recommend their IT services.  The best services for Austin texas IT  Vintage IT Services.

Vintage IT Services

1210 W. 5th St.

Austin, Texas 78703

Phone: 512-481-1117

Austin IT companies List

Vintage IT services is one of the top IT companies right here in Austin Texas.  They have grown with Austin and have kept all of us updated with their technology services.  I am not going to lie technology moves quickly and Vintage moves just as fast.

If you are looking for the best IT company in Austin to handle your managed It services, cloud services or more then give Vintage IT a call and ask them how they can help managed your services.

Don’t wait until your technology comes to a grinding halt or a storm turns everything off. You don’t need to worry about your technology if you have Vintage on your team.  Vintage supports your team by offering their IT services at great prices and keeping you informed.  They are a cut above the rest of the companies and they are local to Austin.  In fact Vintage has been a great local IT option for many years.


Austin IT companies Vintage IT Services Austin Texas

Residential Window Cleaning in Austin

A and D Windows is a family owned and run window washing and cleaning company located in Austin.  They offer residential window washing in Austin and the surrounding areas.  If you have dirty windows  you need to call A and D Windows so you can see out of your windows once again.

Residential window cleaning is popular in Austin due to our weather.  Often our windows are hazy or dirty during the Winter and Fall seasons.  In Austin we have a very bad allergy season and that means all of those allergens also known as pollen are floating all over out there and yes they help much up your windows.

Be sure to have your home windows cleaned now that we are enjoying nice weather and you want to see outside.  Windows can become so dirty or hazy that you can’t see out of your windows.  Cleaning your windows will also help your home stand out and look great.  If your windows are dark and dingy your home is looks dark and dingy.  Cleaning and or washing your windows is just part of your upkeep of your home and something that can simply make your home look much better.

If you are putting your home on the market one of the best things you can do to make your home look better is to have your windows cleaned.  Often we think about a new coat of paint and mowing our grass but cleaning our windows often gets left out.  If you clean your residential windows before while you are trying to sale your home your home will show much better.  You might be surprised at how much a good window cleaning can make your home look so much better in Austin.

Window cleaning in Austin is the one little detail you don’t want to leave out.  A and D windows offers residential window cleaning in Austin you can check out their window services website for more information

Residential window cleaning austin  A and D Window Cleaning and Repair in Austin


If you have a busted pipe or a clogged drain then you need a plumber in Austin.

With most plumbing problems we usually need a plumber FAST! Who wants to wait around while your laundry room is flooding? Not me.  In Austin there are a lot of plumbing companies to choose from. However, if you check out the reviews and do your homework by visitng the plumbers websites you will see that you want to give one of the companies your time.

The company is 1st Plumbing Services and they are located in Austin. They are reliable, fast and they know their pipes, drains and more.

don’t wait until you need a plumber and give them a call and check them out. You can visit their website plumber Austin

let the plumbers know we sent you and ask them all of your plumber Austin Questions. They really know their pipes!

Plumbers Austin